candy misery

The pain start in the beginning then end in the end and the sin fill in between

Morning has just begun and evil starts to have some fun

Hoping this blue becomes red someday

Letting the pain stay inside and become friend of day and night

That’s love where the pain live in

Life is crazy when love involved in

I am bitter word living in sweet sentences

I am angry word trapped in angry world

I am floating for missing the wings

My courage built on stage

My rage fucked up by the age

Body sits

Soul fly

Reality hits

Eyes cry

This memory sends me back to a misery I’m happy to be

One thought on “candy misery

  1. A misery…
    it just something people supposed tobe..
    Some body’s courage is just how to encourage..

    The real flying wings are only belong to
    a Man of great courage…!

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